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BeSafeAnywhere, Inc. VISION

BeSafeAnywhere’s vision is carefully aligned with Front Sight's overall mission to protect and restore the Second Amendment by positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes.

2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

BeSafeAnywhere & Front Sight

Front Sight is Different From Other Self Defense & Gun Range Facilities - Intense Incremental Practice Keeping Safe - Facilitates skill learning & intense practice, from current capabilities, to (1) understand situation risk, & (2) prepare for & use resources at hand (firearms, martial arts, rope & rappel, etc.) to safely & effectively keep yourself & others safe (even those challenging your safety).

Front Sight, started in 1996 with 10 students on a Two Day, Defensive Handgun Course on leased facilities near Bakersfield, CA, has grown over the last 20 years into the most professional, most dominant, most successful, and most influential firearms training organization in the world today!

Front Sight current facilities near Las Vegas, NV routinely & effortlessly train up to 2,000 students per day on 50 firearms training ranges as every student receives the personal attention & expert instruction for dramatic improvements in skills, regardless of their level of previous experience.

Friends of Front Sight, like BeSafe, find new “friends” by selling discounted Front Sight Access. Most people know about & participate at Front Sight through word of mouth, like by learning about Front Sight & buying access to Front Sight through BeSafe.

Front Sight actively markets through the Internet & email campaigns, but the pricing is a lot higher; costs of acquiring Members are much less through personnal contacts with family, friends, businesses.

BeSafe has invested in acquiring Front Sight assets for over 5 years to sell to family, friends & business associates to proactively facilitate the BeSafe & Front Sight visions & purposes.

Front Sight Current Training includes:

  • Family Safe Forever Children & Youth Safety
  • Firearms of all Varieties - Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Auto - Beginning to Advanced Combined Weapons Master
  • Martial Arts Empty Hand, Edged Weapons, & Advanced
  • Rope & Rappel, Beginning to Advanced
  • Armorer's Courses for Keeping Firearms in Top Condition
  • Defensive Driving (under development)
  • Private Training

Front Sight is extensively upgrading the Las Vegas 550 acre facility's capabilities by integrating a resort into the current firearms range complex, creating a Disney Vacation Club Villa Like Resort, for personal protection & self defense.

The goal is for the initial phase of the new resort facility extension available in the last half of 2019.

The new facility will include a resort hotel, 1-2 bedroom villas, a resort RV park, & facilities for Las Vegas type shows, pools, etc. to provide experiences like one would have at the Disney Resorts, for individuals, families, & businesses to have a lot of fun while significantly improving their personal protection & self defense knowledge & skills.

FS Resort Mockup

Videos, including “Taste of Front Sight”, to provide insight into Front Sight experiences.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have fun improving personal safety. Be Safe Anywhere sells the resources to experience all of Front Sight at great discounts.

  • Certificates to any of the courses          +  Lifetime Benefits, that are willable
  • Gun rental certificates for equipment     + Criminal Background Checks (annual)

Lifetime Front Sight Benefits Include such options as:

  • Unlimited Stay at Resort Hotel or RV Resort FREE while in a course when Resort is completed.
  • Will Benefits of Front Sight to a Deserving Heir
  • Attend ANY & ALL Front Sight Courses Free of Charge at ANY & ALL Front Sight facilities now & any facilities we develop or purchase in the future

Additional Options

  • Group Purchase discounts depending upon the # of participants, days, & desired experiences.
  • Private Training for up to four participants, for from 1 - 4 days; prices provided when specific requests for number of participants, type of experience, dates, & number of days.
  • Help others experience Front Sight via Donations to a 501c3 Foundation

Business Leverage - Fun, Unique Experiences, Practice Corporate Safety , “Family” & “Clients”

Practice company “families” personal safety

Build company leadership & team skills

Reward employee/client excellence/service

Write off expenses to business

Donate to needy in your client base

Donate to your community needs

Current pricing is “Introductory”; values will increase as the Front Sight Resort is completed & the corresponding benefits are fully available.

Detailed Course Descriptions & information for participants,



Front Sight is Different From Other Self Defense & Gun Range Facilities

Intense Learning Skills & Practicing to Make Yourself Safe in any Situation - From Beginning to Very Advanced

Practice Keeping Safe

  • Front Sight facilitates skill learning & intense practice, working from your current capabilities, to (1) understand situation risk, & (2) prepare for & use the resources you have at hand (firearms, martial arts, rope & rappel, etc.) to safely & effectively keep yourself & others safe (even those challenging your safety).

Not A “Firearms Range"

  • Front Sight is not a “firearms range” to practice shooting skills. One’s shooting skills do improve tremendously while practicing to make yourself safe in any situation. Front Sight includes physical simulation of possible scenarios in the training practice.

Maximize NOT Engaging

  • When you have the skills to respond well to a challenge to your safety, you will maximize the chances to NOT have to seriously engage.

Group Practice

  • Families, Companies, groups of people of any kind can practice together

Front Sight™ is a place to learn how to intensely practice, applying real solutions, to keep your family & friends safe.


BE SAFE ANYWHERE, INC. IS A RESTRICTED WEBSITE (AS REQUESTED BY FRONT SIGHT) to be used by our family, friends, & business associate clients to:

Pay for Front Sight Memberships & assets purchased from BeSafeAnywhere, Inc

** Please note that as the Front Sight Resort is built, we expect that the prices of the Lifetime Memberships that include free hotel stays while taking courses will increase. **

Thank You for your interest in the Be Safe Anywhere, Inc. purpose "of improving personal saftey in any situation".

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Our goal is to meet the real personal protection & self defense needs of our family, friends & business associates while making the Be Safe Anywhere business succcessful.

Through our alignment with a non-profit, we would like to work with similar minded individuals & businesses to reach out to those who would seriously benefit from what we are offering, but are not in a place where they are able to make it happen on their own.

We would really appreciate frank feedback either through email to, or by clicking on Contact Us & sending us a message.


Front Sight Memberships are only advertised for sale by Be Safe Anywhere, Inc. through email or personal one-to-one solicitations.
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I UNDERSTAND & agree that all Front Sight Products, Front Sight Certificates and Front Sight Memberships purchased from BeSafeAnywhere, Inc are NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions.

As Front Sight builds the Resort, & Memberships sales are perhaps more controlled to protect benefits, Membership, Products & Certificate values, & BeSafeAnywhere prices, could increase.

I further understand I may sell and transfer Memberships, but I am not allowed to sell/transfer them to existing Front Sight members or advertise the sale of any memberships in any public media.

If it is determined that I do try to sell Front Sight Memberships in public media, I will loose my Front Sight Memberships & assets & not be allowed to participate at Front Sight.